Here's a small list of some CDs

I've done tracks on, with links if I have them.


Ritchie Blackmore and Blackmore's Night - Fires at Midnight - Progressive Rock/Renaissance/Folk
Richard Berman - Storied Lives- Folk
Steve (Kowalczyk)Santoro - Soul of the Night - Contemporary Jazz
Kate McGarry -Show Me- Classic Jazz Ballads
Adrienne Jones - Voice in the Mirror - Folk/Rock
Laura Wood - South Station Slide - Folk/Jazz/Rock
King Radio - Curse of the Bambino - Pop
Jennie Reichman - Folk
Bobby Darling - Great Big World - Pop
Basherte - Every Being Has a Light - Jewish Inspirational
Dan Kane Singers - Songs of Inspiration - Choral Inspirational
Carol Logen - I Set Myself Free - Pop Inspirational
Terry Kitchen - Right Now - Folk
TW Walsh - Blue Laws - Pop
Ken Batts - Grow, Wild and High - Folk

Toured (with Blackmore's Night):

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